The Revere Project

Good ideas need smart digital strategy to spread. The Revere Project trains and equips digital communications professionals to power the conservative movement.


Digital communication isn’t rocket science. But, it does take training, practice, and mentorship. The Revere Project has tapped industry leaders to create a training program that will graduate digital and communications professionals with the skills necessary to win the messaging war.  

Paul Revere took a clear message straight to the people and changed the course of American history. The Revere Project aims to equip a new generation of communicators with the same powerful voice today.

Digital Communications Training

2-month long training seminars, created by experts, designed to prepare participants to lead well-rounded digital and media communication strategies.


Regular gatherings of digital communications professionals to network, share successes, and strategize for the future. 


Upcoming Seminars

Revere Project Seminars will give participants the confidence to use modern digital and communications tactics, in the right way. Our classes are hands-on and comprehensive; no more desperate google searches or frantic youtube tutorials.

- Introduction to Digital Strategy and Communications

- Photography for Digital Communications Professionals

- Social Media Graphics, Design Principles, and Tools  

- Digital-First Video, Filming, Lighting, and Audio  

- Editing and Publishing for Digital Audiences  

- Social Media Strategy 

- Facebook and Google Advertising - Compliance and Execution  

- Digital Roundup/Dinner 

Advanced Digital Strategy Seminar **Dates announced soon

Media Relations Seminar **Dates announced soon 

Digital Tactics & Strategy for Congress

Sessions will begin pending OPM guidance on COVID-19.

Revere Professional Network

We regularly host happy hours, events and opportunities to connect with other senior digital and communications professionals. Add your name to get updates of future events. For questions, please email

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The Revere Project is a venture of the Conservative Partnership Institute

CPI is led by former Congressman and Senator Jim DeMint and a team of experienced Capitol Hill veterans who have fought and beaten back the Washington establishment. The organization has access to the best policy research and scholars in the conservative movement, unmatched expertise in House and Senate procedure, and the relationships necessary to help conservatives on Capitol Hill succeed in restoring America to its founding principles.

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